Online Versus Face-to-face Learning

For centuries, face-to-face learning has been the norm. As the name suggests, this type of learning involves live interaction with a teacher. Thus, you have to be physically present in a classroom for face-to-face learning to occur. Online learning, on the other hand, involves learning with the aid of the internet and a personal computer. That means that you do not have to be physically present in a class. When studying online, always ensure that you protect your identity from hackers with tools such as vpn google wifi to avoid identity and data theft.

Which method of learning should you choose?

Since traditional face-to-face learning has been around for so long, and you have probably taken it all your life, it is easy to be apprehensive about learning online. No matter how tech-savvy you are, you will find yourself having an active debate on whether online classes are a good choice for you. Both modes of learning definitely have their perks, but there are several things that you should consider before settling on one method including:


Can you fit your work schedule around your coursework? If not, the online school is ideal for you. Unlike traditional schooling, you do not have to attend class at a specific time in online learning. You can go through your coursework while commuting, having lunch, or before bedtime. However, if you are not working and you have free time on your hands, you can attend physical classes if you so wish to.

Lower costs

If you are looking to save on cost, consider studying online. Some of the expenses that are eliminated in online school are transport and housing costs. When studying online, you only pay online application fees, tuition fees, and book supply fees for some courses.

Responsibility and self-discipline

Self-driven persons do better studying online than those who are not. Face-to-face learning requires you to fill attendance sheets and be accountable to your friends whenever you miss class. In an online school, however, you’re on your own. No one monitors how you attend classes or when you read. Therefore, if you are not disciplined or you have trouble managing your time, you will miss out on important deadlines and examinations in online schools.

Networking and interaction

Do you value networking and social interaction? If you do, then you will find an online school a tad boring. Interaction in an online school environment is restricted to forum and group discussions that are conducted in chatrooms. Also, you can message tutors whenever you have questions, but there is no physical interaction.

Face-to-face learning helps you to organize your studies because it tells you when to be in class. It also allows interaction with the tutor and peers, making it easy for you to ask questions and get instant responses and encouraging peer-to-peer learning. Online learning, on the other hand, saves on cost, fits in your schedule, and instills discipline in learners. Whichever way you choose to learn, you will still get your diploma or certificate.