Haunted Houses – Exorcist Who Can Set the Captives Free!

Of course, the media Sensationalizes everything and anything. Yet there is validity to haunted houses, ghosts, and demons. Worldwide minister Paul F. Davis states: As an exorcist I have dealt with demonic possessed and oppressed people across the world. It is not a pretty sight to behold, but you can’t conquer evil if you don’t understand who you are in Christ and are daring! Davis has a series of videos from Round the world on his Dream-Maker Ministries site which exhibit the supernatural power of God. While in France, Paul struck a gentleman who had been bound by false doctrine and crippled by religiosity. As Paul started praying for him, the man started talking crazily. Paul immediately entered into religious warfare and wrestled a bit with the guy physically before getting him to get on his knees and pray a prayer of repentance for deliverance.

Haunted House

Paul states: Transformation Comes through brain renewal, not only and only demon removal Romans 12:1-2. Demons gain access to a person by reason of the disobedience to God and opening a doorway through their deliberate sin and rebellion. Other kinds of demonic oppression and possession may come as a consequence of wounds and fractures. For example, when a child is molested by a pervert with demonic influences operating, that soul can get on the kid. Cruel and unkind words from a parent may also negatively affect a child’s self-esteem and weigh heavily on their own soul, opening a door to get a lying spirit to further torment and belittle them. As a demon can inhabit a person Body, so too can they occupy a home or residence. Considering that the Bible calls our bodies to the Holy Spirit and construction of God 1 Corinthians 3:9 it is no wonder than why demons can both inhabit physical bodies and houses. Jesus said when a house is cleaned, the demons who have been kicked out will go back to find out if they can occupy occupancy again.

Therefore, if we do not fill our hearts and minds with God’s Word and ideas, we also can be open to Satanic attack and infiltration. Paul says, People seek out Carnival of Horrors since they are interested in the supernatural. They enjoy the thrill of the unknown. What they should understand however is God Himself is supernatural, powerful, and amazing – able to accommodate and fulfil your spiritual hunger. Though your church could be dull, God certainly isn’t. Though your church could be spooked by and withstand the miraculous, God daily moves in the lives of whosoever welcomes and enables Him to do so. In Terms of global travel, Paul has Been around 50 countries and 6 continents dealing with demonic power across the planet.