Herb Gross

We are pleased to present just a few of the many testimonials that honor not only the work that has been done by Professor Herb Gross, but the person that is Herb Gross...

One viewer of the Calculus Revisited series on YouTube, Joe Hartley, wrote a wonderful testimonial to Herb and his work. As a sample of what he wrote, here is a quote from his email..."The "Calculus Revisited" series really got me back on the road, helping me to realize I hadn't forgotten QUITE as much as I feared, but also realizing that few lecturers or textbooks have your ability of explication. I still have a long way to go even to approach your lectures, but seeing a good lecture always gives me hope, even for myself!"  The entire testimonial can be found by clicking below.

Click here to read Joe's testimonial

A moving and sincere testimonial to Herb and his work from Professor Doug Clements, SUNY Distinguished Professor, Learning and Instruction, Graduate School of Education, University of Buffalo, The State University of New York.  Please click the link below and give this a read.

Doug Clements Tribute to Herb Gross and His Work

Tom Fortmann is a
  • Member of the  Massachusetts Board of Education
  • Founder  of the Massachusetts Mathematics Institute
  • Math Consultant at Mass Insight Education
Please read his testimonial by clicking below.

'Math As A Second Language' by Tom Fortmann

The following testimonial was submitted to Herb by a fellow faculty member.  The writer's name is withheld, but after you read this heart-warming testimonial you will see that very little else is.

Enjoy!!!  Please click below to read the testimonial.

'A Funny Little Man'

A tribute from Sherrie Wagner a member of the first class of the Massachussetts Mathematics Institute.  Read on by clicking below to learn how an elementary school teacher feels about her experience.

Sherry Wagner's Testimonial

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