How many children would play Little League baseball if the prerequisite was to pass a test based on a 100-page rule book? Unfortunately too many students see arithmetic as a set of rules they have to memorize in order to progress from one grade to another.


TeacherImage2.jpgOur arithmetic course is designed to help a teacher show that arithmetic is more than a set of rules. Just as a coach explains and interprets the rules for the players, teachers also are coaches who interpret and explain the rules of arithmetic to their students. We are convinced that the rules of arithmetic are based on treating numbers as adjectives that modify nouns. Using this rule as the foundation for arithmetic, students soon learn that they understand mathematics better than they thought they did.

The adjective noun theme unifies whole numbers, fractions, decimals and signed numbers by means of a seamless transition. Of equal importance the adjective noun theme gives you, the teacher, a tool for implementing your own style and delivery system. Learning it does not require you to change anything else you do as a teacher.

Our algebra course is designed to combat students' misconception that a calculator is all they need to solve any arithmetic problem.  In fact, our algebra course is based on using the basic rules of arithmetic to paraphrase problems that can’t be solved with a calculator into equivalent problems that can be solved by using the calculator.

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We wish to acknowledge the support of the Gabriella and Paul Rosenbaum Foundation in helping us develop the content on this website.  Without the support of the Foundation and its president, Madge Goldman, much of the material that will be posted here would not have existed.

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