Math In Action: Powerpoints for the classroom

'Teaching Math by the Book', Magnit´skii, L. 1703
An innovative supplement to classroom lectures...
Rick Medeiros has created many Powerpoint slide shows for arithmetic and algebra for use in the classroom.  We are posting some of them here for you to download.  Additionally, we will supply a list of others Rick has created.  If you are interested, contact him at and he will be happy to send you copies.  If we get many requests, we will post others. 
Teachers:  you can create slide shows like these!  Give it a try or contact us.

Adjective Noun in the Classroom

Fractions and Cornbreads

Counting Change

Counting To 10

Reading Whole Numbers

Money Problems

Base 2 Counting

Keeping Numbers In Line

Mission Almost Impossible

Multiplication Tiles

Prime Factor Tree

Sets: Missing Members

Telling Time On The Hour

Tellling Time On The Hour: Quiz

Telling Time Fractions

The Mystery Number Functions

Function Machine

Place Values Base 10

Finding Factors 1 - 100

Finding Multiples 2 - 25

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