Arithmetic Course Overview

Our Arithmetic course, developed by Professor Herb Gross and titled ‘Gateways To Mathematics’ (GTM), has 4 components

(1) Videotaped LecturesFor most people viewing a lecture is easier to internalize than reading a traditional textbook.  Our videos are in lock-step with textbook material.

(2) Gateways to Mathematics Textbook

Even with new technology, there are people who learn best by reading. If this is the case, you can read the textbook which is available on our site in pdf format.  Written material is presented in the form of a series of connected Illustrative Examples.  The solution of each example, along with enrichment commentary, accompanies each example.

(3) GTM Study Guide

The GTM Study Guide gives you a chance to see if you have internalized what you have seen and / or read.

(4) PowerPoint Presentations

The final component of our arithmetic course is a series of slide shows developed by Herb Gross and Rick Medeiros that can be used as an alternative or supplement to the text and videos.  By adding animation to mathematical concepts, they add a unique dimension to learning.


The videotaped lectures were produced in 1985. Since that time, Herb has refined the material in the videos; these changes are reflected in the Powerpoint presentations.  Our approach to learning arithmetic, while very logical and user friendly, is not a “quick fix”. If you have the patience and commitment to learn arithmetic in a meaningful way that will be easy for you to internalize then this is the course for you!  You are now prepared to start the course so…study hard and have fun!