Arithmetic Videos
To ensure that the logic underlying place-value arithmetic is internalized, please do not use calculators until completing the first 8 videos.

To view videos, click on the links below. The exercise set solution videos illustrate complete solutions of the Form B exercise set in each module. 

Module1: Solutions Exercise Set 1 Form B

Module 2: Solutions Exercise Set 2 Form B

It is now common to define 3×4 to mean 3+3+3+3, i.e.; to add the number three together four times.  When multiplication is defined this way, the number on the right (4) is called the multiplier meaning the number of times the number 3 is added together. By the commutative property of addition, 3x4 is equal to 4x3.  In our video #3, Herb writes the problem 3+3+3+3 as 4x3 in order to illustrate the algorithm for multiplication in a more natural way. Notice that 4 (the multiplier) is in the first position.  Do not let this confuse you - they are equivalent definitions.

Module 5: Solutions Exercise Set 5 Form B

Module 6: Solutions Exercise Set 6 Form B

Module 7: Solutions Exercise Set 7 Form B

Module 8: Solutions Exercise Set 8 Form B

Module 9: Solutions Exercise Set 9 Form B

Module 10: Solutions Exercise Set 10 Form B

Module 11: Solutions Exercise Set 11 Form B

Module 12: Solutions Exercise Set 11 Form B

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