Arithmetic Files (Textbook and Study Guide)

Click on the links below to read material from the text or study guide.  Study hard and have fun!

Module 1: The Development of Place Value 

Module 1: Text

Study Guide

Module 2 - Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers

Module2: Text

Study Guide

Module 3: Multiplication and Factoring Whole Numbers


Study Guide

Module 4: Common Fractions

Module4: Text

Study Guide

Module 5: Common Fractions Continued

Module5: Text

Study Guide

Module 6: Percents and Mixed Numbers

Module6: Text

Study Guide

Module 7: Introduction to Decimal Fractions

Module7: Text

Study Guide

Module 8: Quotients of Decimal Fractions

Module8: Text

Study Guide

Study Guide Supplement: The Calculator

Module 9: Introduction to Constant Rates

Module9: Text

Study Guide

Module 10: Applying Constant Rates to Measurement

Module10: Text

Study Guide

Module 11: Selected Topics in Non-Constant Rates

Module11: Text


Module 12 - Arithmetic as the Gateway to Algebra

Module12: Text

Study Guide

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