Algebra Videos
Playing the Game of Algebra 
Video lesson numbering is the same as that of the slide shows. A suggested mapping of video to text is included for each lesson.

 Videos align with text chapters 1 and 2.

1) Preface to Gateways To Algebra

2) Introduction to Gateways To Algebra, part 1

 Videos align with text chapter 3.

4) Introduction to Signed Numbers

5) Subtracting Signed Numbers

 Videos align with text chapter 10.

7) Motivation For Exponents

8) The Arithmetic of Whole Number Exponents

 Videos align with text chapters 10, 11 and 12.

10) The Game Of Mathematics Part I

11) The Game of Mathematics Part II

12) Application of Algebra

 Videos align with text chapters 13, 14 and 15.

13) Linear Relationships

14) Review of Linear Relationships

15) Two Enrichment Examples

16) Solving mx + b = nx + c, Part I

17) Solving mx + b = nx + c, Part II

 There is no corresponding text lesson.

18) Introduction to Sets, Functions and Graphs

19) Linear and Absolute Value Functions

20) Introduction to Exponential Functions

21) Introduction to Inverse Functions

 There is no corresponding text lesson.

22) Introduction to Linear Systems

23) More on Linear Systems

 Videos align with text chapters 13, 14 and 15.

24) Word Problems Non-Algebra

25) Word Problems Algebraic Solutions

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