Algebra Slide Shows 16 - 24
Playing the Game of Algebra

The following slide shows correspond to the video presentations.  They have the same numbering and information.  Try both!

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Solving Linear Equations: Identities and Inconsistencies

Lesson 16 Keystone

Lesson 16 Problems

Lesson 16 Solutions

Introduction to (Well-defined) Sets

Lesson 17 part 1 Keystone

Lesson 17 part 1 Problems

Lesson 17 part 1 Solutions

Introduction to Functions

Lesson 17 part 2 Keystone

Lesson 17 part 2 Problems

Lesson 17 part 2 Solutions

Introduction to Graphs

Lesson 17 part 3 Keystone

Lesson 17 part 3 Problems

Lesson 17 part 3 Solutions

Arithmetic of Linear Functions

Lesson 18 part 1 Keystone

Lesson18 part 1 Problems

Lesson18 part 1 Solutions

Absolute Value Functions

Lesson 18 part 2 Keystone

Lesson 18 part 2 Problems

Lesson 18 part 2 Solutions

Exponential Functions

Lesson 19 Keystone

Lesson 19 Problems

Lesson 19 Solutions

More on Inverse Functions

Lesson 20 Keystone

Lesson 20 Problems

Lesson 20 Solutions

Systems of Linear Equations

Lesson 21 part 1 Keystone

Lesson 21 part 1 Problems

Lesson 21 part 1 Solutions

Higher Dimensional Linear Systems of Equations

As Lesson 21 part 2 is an Enrichment Lesson, there are no other slide shows.

Introduction to Linear Systems of Equations part 2

Lesson 22 Keystone

Lesson 22 Problems

Lesson 22 Solutions

Application to Word Problems

Lesson 23 Keystone

Lesson 23 Problems

Lesson 23 Solutions

Application to Word Problems

Lesson 24 Keystone

Lesson 24 Problems

Lesson 24 Solutions

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