Spiraling financial burdens raise havoc with school budgets, causing it to be a problem to find sufficient funding for proper professional development.  Our materials offer a very effective, low-cost way to offer quality professional development in mathematics.  Using our materials (which have been validated by workshop participants for over 10 years) and choosing your own in-house facilitators,  you have a complete workshop guaranteed to help teachers obtain better results with their students and on state-mandated examinations.

Moreover, since this material is available to teachers via the internet, it can be reviewed and internalized by teachers at their own pace.**  Based on teachers comments to us, this is a major improvement over other types of workshops primarily because too often by the time the content was to be used in their courses they had already forgotten what had been taught.

Contact us if you want more information on how to develop workshops.  Have chalk will talk!

** Too many students (of all ages and types) fail not because they can’t learn the material but because the pace at which they internalize the material is slower than the lock-step pace of the traditional classroom. Our slogan is that it is impossible to be behind in a self-paced course.