If you are like many of the parents we have met, there is a good chance that you would like to help your children with their math but find that math instruction has changed too much since the days you were a student.  Our courses will help you help your children to better understand mathematics because our presentations begin at a very elementary level, presuppose no mathematical knowledge and are written in easy-to-understand manner.  You and your children might enjoy studying our courses together.

Lessons are interspersed with humorous, relevant anecdotes and there are may illustrative examples and thoroughly worked out solutions. Especially in the case of our slide shows, viewers can proceed through the material at their own pace.

A piano student doesn’t say he doesn’t have to practice because my teacher plays the piece very well. On the other hand, too many students believe that because what the teacher taught them sounded good, there is no need to practice. Our course offers you the chance to make sure your children practice by working together with them.