Algebra Videos part 2 - topics in a second course in Algebra
Playing the Game of Algebra 
Accompanying slide shows are not yet available. A suggested mapping of video to text is included for each lesson.

 Videos align with text chapters 11 and 12.

25) Introduction To Polynomials

26) Classic Algebra: Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials

27) Multiplication Of Polynomials

28) Special Products of Polynomials

29) Factoring

30) Division of Polynomials

 Videos align with text chapters 13 and 14.

Videos designated with an asterix (*) represent enrichment videos; the topics are NOT covered in detail in the text.

31) Introduction to Quadratic Equations

32) Solving Quadratic Equations By Completing The Square

33) The Quadratic Formula

34) The Pythagorean Theorem

36) Graphing Quadratics

*37) Extending The Number System

*38) Angles - A Measure of Direction

*39) Introducing the Square Root of -1

*40) Application of Non-real Numbers to Quadratic Equations

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