Our favorite websites

There is mathematical life after arithmetic and algebra and our two courses are the gateway to the huge amount of enrichment that lies beyond them.  If you feel that you are ready to learn more about available enrichment, we are happy to recommend that you visit BLOSSOMS at http://blossoms.mit.edu. BLOSSOMS, an acronym for Blended Learning Open Source Science Or Math Studies, is the brainchild of its director, Professor Richard C. Larson, an MIT “lifer” having started there as an undergraduate and remaining there as he moved through a progression of challenging and important assignments.

BLOSSOMS is creating a freely available on-line repository of video-based interactive learning experiences for STEM classes in high schools and middle schools. Among the goals of BLOSSOMS are:

  • to enhance the critical thinking skills of high school STEM students and to move them away from rote memorization and studying to the test.
  • to excite them about science and math.
  • to encourage them to pursue careers in engineering and science by relating math and science to their everyday lives.
  • to develop international cultural awareness by learning science and math often from educators in different countries, thus representing different cultures and perspectives.
  • to introduce STEM school teachers to technology-enabled education in a way that supports and enhances their own teaching style with their students in the classroom. The hope is that the teachers will become advocates of this form of blended learning, where they play a vital teaching role in its success.

The website is a natural sequel to our courses.Try it! We think you’ll like it!