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Logic and Word Problems to intrigue and challenge students...
Rick Medeiros has created many Powerpoint presentations that involve asking and illustrating solutions to interesting and fun for logic, geometry and algebra.  Students will hopefully jump in and try to find a solution - sometimes there are many. We are posting some of them here for you to download.  Additionally, we will supply a list of others Rick has created.  If you are interested, contact him at info@adjectivenounmath.com and he will be happy to send you copies.  If we get many requests, we will post others. 
Teachers:  you can create slide shows like these!  Give it a try or contact us.

Arithmetic Slide Shows

Addition Word Problem

Multiplication Word Problem

Division Word Problem

Division Word Problem 2

Calculator Word Problem

 Geometry Slide Shows

Lines Word Problem

Computational Measures Word Problem

Lines Word Problem 2

Dots Word Problem

 Logic Slide Shows

Money Logic Problem

Reasoning Length Logic Problem

Counting Squares Logic Problem

Contact us at info@adjectivenounmath.com

We wish to acknowledge the support of the Gabriella and Paul Rosenbaum Foundation in helping us develop the content on this website.  Without the support of the Foundation and its president, Madge Goldman, much of the material that will be posted here would not have existed.

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