A Step Towards Knowledge Society

These individuals have had the option to achieve mechanical advancements which are ordinarily more reasonable, more productive to the neighborhood needs and are more practical than the choices accessible on the lookout. These developments when popularized may have immense market potential and tremendous social advantages. Also, conventional information which has been brought through ages by the networks and in which each age has added its own viewpoint are colossal information bases, which have nor been taken a gander at profoundly or recorded, which in any case might have had enormous social ramifications.

These acknowledge lead to the arrangement of National Innovation Foundation by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The association is taking concentrated endeavors to fill these holes and give the grassroots individuals due credit. The association is settled and was set up in 2000. The mission of the association is To help India become an imaginative and inventive society and a worldwide innovator in manageable technologies without social and monetary debilitations influencing advancement and dispersion of green grassroots developments.


This association is devoted in raising grassroots pioneers and customary trend-setters. Since its beginning this association has brought 65000 developments from 400 distinct regions all over India. This association works with them to take up their mechanical advancement to such a scale from where it very well may be popularized by subsidizing with the assistance of SIDBI yet additionally adds esteems to their technology in a joint effort with specialists in the concerned field. The association likewise secures their licensed innovation rights and gets these technologies protected.

NIF has explored and recorded different imaginative technologies in various classes that have been valued in different pieces of the world. A portion of these items are buyer durables like excellence care umbrella, characteristic water cooler, bubbled tea making machine for redid taste; in electronic class there is cell phone worked switch, security gadget for distant terminating of wafer; in ecological administration classification, altered silkworm raring plate is there and in social and business classification, tree climber is one of the items which is in extraordinary interest.

 In horticultural hardware and ranch execute there is a cotton stripper which has the patent and bike driven furrowing gadget, etc. One illustration of customary information which has been reported is characteristic bone healer. The rundown is perpetual and benefits sweeping. Large numbers of these technologies have gotten mainstream in the towns and some have discovered pertinence in nations across the globe. NIF is committed in changing the view of individuals toward this segment of society.